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When I entered the room, I saw a man ….. by the window ….. a newspaper -352.

a) sitting-read b) sitting-reading

c) sat-reading d) sit-read

Would you mind not to make so much noise while I’m studying -353.

A       B                      C              D

۳۵۴ – I’ll remember …. her your message.

a) giving b) to giving c) give             d) to give

The doctor asked the patient ….. been better -355.

a) has she b) if she had

c) that she had d) whether she has

Did you hear him ….. to somebody on the phone yesterday -356?

a) talking b) to talk c) talked          d) was talking

Tom hurt himself when ….. a horse -357.

a) was riding b) ride c) riding           d) to ride

Don’t be absent from class; ….., you will miss the review -358.

a) as a result b) besides c) however      d)otherwise

He asked us -359 …..

a) what are you doing here b) what we were doing there

c) what were we doing there d) what we are doing here

I would certainly appreciate ….. about that matter by you -360.

a) to inform b) to be informed

c) informing d) being informed

The teacher told me …… with Reza -361.

a) stop arguing b) stopping to argue

c) to stop arguing d) to stop argue

He was ….. a job in our firm after graduating from university -362.

a) affirmed b) affected c) offered        d) preferred

Their grandmother ….. them a lot of amusing stories -363.

a) said b) told c) talked          d) spoke

it was raining so hard, ….. he decided to go out for a walk -364.

a) besides b) so c) therefore      d) yet


Starbo was the only ancient Greek scientist who fully understood the experimental methods. The topics of his investigation included the nature of sound and the way sound travels, the possibility of a vacuum and even gravity. Though he was the head of Aristotle’s university, he did not follow Aristotle blindly.

Strabo was -365 ….. .

a) a scientist of ancient Greece

b) a blind follower of Aristotle

c) the blind head of Aristotle’s university

d) the first scientist who studied sound transmission

The main subject of strabo’s study was the -366 …..

a) gravity in vacuum

b) force field of the earth

c) sound transmitters and receivers

d) vacuum cleaner for the university

The writer believe that only ….. could completely understand the experimental method -367.

a) aristotle

b) strabo

c) experimental scientists

d) ancient Greek scientists

The ….. of the stomach is to digest food -368.

a) charge b) function c) process        d) method

Sometimes, the work was very difficult but it was well ….. the effort -369.

a) worth b) work c) wealth         d) worst

Who in your family has been thinking about …. married -370.

a) doing b) getting c) making        d) having

۳۷۱٫The real …… of reading is comprehension and understanding of what one is reading.

a) aim b) aid c) care              d) duty

I reminded parvin …. her book -372.

a) don’t forget b) not to forget

c) not forgetting d) that not forget

I had a cold, so Reza could not ….. me on the telephone -373.

a) guess b) know c) recognize     d) tell

What did he do? He entered ….. old man’s room quietly -374.

a) in the b) into the c) inside the     d) the

The student bought the dictionary ….. in the store window -375.

a) displayed b) planned c) replaced       d) was

۳۷۶- …..… Jeff studied hard, he didn’t pass the test.

a) even if b) although c) however      d) despite

Most accidents could be ….. if people paid more attention to safety recommendations -377.

a) avoided b) forbidden c) allowed       d) recognized

Don’t put ….. until tomorrow, what you can do today -378.

a) off b) of c) up                d) on

Unlike most Europeans, many Americans ….. bacon and eggs for breakfast -379.

a) used eating b) used to eating

c) are used to eat d) are used to eating

I would have gotten there on time if i ….. early enough -380.

a) left b) would leave

c) had left d) will leave

A good reporter avoids ….. the news to make it seem more important -381.

a) displaying b)increasing c) elaborating  d) exaggerating

Kilometer is ….. as the mile -382.

a) as shorter b) not as long

c) much shorter d) the less length

I couldn’t concentrate on my homework, because my brother kept ….. me with silly questions -383.

a) interrupting b) competing

c)involving                              d) providing

Fish have nostrils ….. are used for smelling into for breathing -384.

a) what b) whom c) that they      d) which

The buyer rushed into the deal without giving a though to the -385 …

a) arms b) remains c) compositions           d) consequences


Element may be the basic building blocks of matter, but what – if anything – makes up the elements?

In other words, what would be the result of taking an element, a piece of gold, for example, and ….. ۳۸۶ ….. it in half, and in half again and infinitum. We would soon reach the point of having ….. ۳۸۷ ….. small piece of gold that it would be beyond our ability to cut it.

It is at times like these when scientists must use their knowledge about how elements react to continue the experiment in their minds. Scientists have done just that and have agreed that if they continue to cut a piece of gold in half, they would ….۳۸۸…. reach a particle called the atom (in this case, an atom of gold). The atom is the small that billions of them are required to make a tiny speek of gold that can be seen with a microscope. The atom, therefore, is the basic particle which ….۳۸۹…. the elements.

Gold is compose of gold atoms, iron of iron atoms, and oxygen of oxygen atoms.


a)cut                 b) cuts            c) to cut           d) cutting


a) so much         b) too           c) such a              d) very


a) inherently            b) eventually         c) effectively        d) fundamentally


a) substitutes                 b) encompasses

c) accompanies                 d) constitutes

I am …… to come to the meeting; please apologize for my absence -390.

a) unaware b) dislike c) unable          d) excused

Billie Holliday, ….. unique siging style made her famous, was also known as lady day -391.

a) she is a b) whom c) who             d) whose

If services are increased, taxes -392 …..

a) will probably go up b) probably go up

c) probably up d) going up probably


Potassium has a valence of positive one because if usually loses one electron when ….. with other elements .

a) does it combine b) it combines

c) in combining d) combination

This poem is ….. to Shakespeare -394.

a) proceeded b) identified c) estimated     d) attributed

It was decided that the duties of part-timers should be -395 ….. .

a) declined b) reduced c) required       d) devoted

The evening with my old school friends brought back a lot of good -396 …..

a) personalities b) experiments

c) reponses d) memories


Henry Ford not only revolutionized the automobile industry ….. established the Ford foundation, the nights charitable organization.

a) also b) as well as c) but also        d) but is also


All my life people have been telling me what to do, but I ….. to make my own decisions from now on .

a) approve b)command     c) deliver         d) intend

Water vapor changing to liquid ….. heat -399.

a) release b) releases c) releasing      d) is released

Map reading is a skill which is ….. through practice -400.

a) confirmed b) operated c) acquired      d) stretched





  1. d

حرف ربط همپایه yet به معنی (با وجود این) مفهوم تضاد را دارد و پس از کلمه yet اغلب کلمه not به کار می‌رود.

  1. b عبارات وجه وصفی زمان حال می‌باشند.
  2. a

بعد از عبارت would you mind فعل به صورت (ing) استفاده می‌شود.

  1. d

بعد از فعل to remember فعل دوم به صورت مصدر با to به کار می‌رود.

‌۳۵۵‌. b

در صورتی که جمله نقل قول با فعل کمکی شروع شود به دنبال جمله گزارش از حرف ربط whether یا if استفاده می‌شود. اگر فعل گزارش گذشته باشد جمله یک زمان به عقب برمی‌گردد.

  1. a
  2. c عبارت وجه وصفی
  3. d

otherwise قید ربط و به معنای (وگرنه – والا) رابطه شرط به را بین دو جمله بیان می‌کند.

  1. b

نقل قول غیر مستقیم که با کلمه پرسشی شروع شده، جمله از حالت سؤالی در می‌آید و چون زمان فعل گزارش گذشته است یک زمان عقب برمی‌گردیم.

  1. d

فعل appreciate به معنای قدردانی کردن است که فعل پس از آن به صورت اسم مصدر می‌آید و جمله مجهول است (علامت مجهول by).

  1. c

جمله نقل قول امری است و بعد از فعل stop اسم مصدر می‌آید.

  1. c
  2. b

تنها فعل tell است که بدون حرف اضافه می‌آید:

To say to

To take to

To speak with

  1. d

yet حرف ربط همپایه در مفهود تضاد است.

  1. a
  2. b
  3. b
  4. b
  5. a To be worth = ارزش داشتن
  6. b To get married = ازدواج کردن
  7. a aim = goal = هدف
  8. b

جمله نقل قول امری است و به صورت منفی آمده است.

  1. c To recognize = شناختن
  2. d

فعل enter حرف اضافه مستتر در خود دارد.

  1. a
  2. d
  3. a

در شرطی نوع اول در جمله شرط از زمان حال ساده و در جمله اصلی از زمان آینده استفاده می‌شود.

  1. a put off = postpone = به تعویق انداختن

فعل put off یک فعل دو قسمتی جدا نشدنی است.

  1. d

بعد از عبارت to be used to به معنای عادت داشتن به چیزی یا کاری،

اسم مصدر و یا عبارت اسم مصدری (همان شکل ing – فعل) به کار می‌رود. در مقابل فعل used to نشان دهنده کاری است که در گذشته طبق عادت انجام می‌شده ولی حالا دیگر انجام نمی‌شود.

  1. c

این جمله شرطی نوع سوم است که در جمله شرط از [had + P.P] و در جمله اصلی [would + have + P.P] استفاده می‌شود.

  1. d exaggerate = غلو کردن
  2. b

عبارت [as + صفت ساده + as] الگویی است که برای ساختن صفت برابری به کار می‌رود.

  1. a to interrupt = متوقف کردن
  2. d

قبل از ضمیر موصولی which یک اسم غیر شخصی (نظیر اسامی مربوط به اشیاء، حیوانات یا اسامی گروهی) به کار می‌رود و بعد از آن یک فعل یا جمله می‌آید.

  1. d consequences = عواقب، نتایج
  2. d [talking ….. cutting] توالی زمانی افعال در جمله
  3. c Such + (a/an) + صفت + اسم + that + جمله
  4. b eventually = در نهایت
  5. d to constitute = تشکیل دادن
  6. c unable = ناقادر – ناتوان – توانایی انجام کاری را نداشتن
  7. d

ضمیر موصولی whose برای نشان دادن مالکیت اشخاص، اسامی گروهی و اشیاء به کار می‌رود و پس از ضمیر موصولی whose حتماً یک اسم می‌آید سپس در جمله‌ وصفی یک فعل یا یک جمله به کار می‌رود.

  1. a

در شرطی نوع اول در جمله شرط از زمان حال ساده و در جمله اصلی از زمان آینده استفاده می‌شود.

  1. b

بعد از کلمات as و while, when در معنای وقتی که، یک جمله می‌آید که به آن جملات تبعی قیدی زمان گویند.

  1. d to attribute = منتسب کردن به – نسبت دادن
  2. b to reduce = کاهش دادن
  3. d memory = یاد – خاطره
  4. c

عبارت [not only ….. but also] جزء حروف ربط مزدوج می‌باشد که می‌تواند دو جمله کامل یا دو ساختار گرامری مشابه را به هم پیوند دهد.

Not only revolutionized but also established

  1. d to intend = قصد داشتن
  2. b

برای بیان حقیقت علمی یا طبیعی از زمان حال ساده استفاده می‌شود.

۴۰۰٫ c              to acquir = به دست آوردن

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